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Less messy renovating! If there is such a thing :)

Renovations are messy, there is absolutely no getting around that one. I don’t think people realise how much dust is actually created with any sort of building work. 

If you plan on living in your home while you’re renovating, here are a few things that will help eliminate or at least lessen the effects on your home and family.

To contain the spread of dust seal off the entry points by taping a plastic sheet around the doors.

Remove as much as possible from the building area into another room. I’m talking about furniture, wall hangings, curtains and knick- knacks. Cover everything else up with either plastic or material drop sheets.

There are several power tools available with vacuum extractors to collect up the dust as you work, as much as 90 percent! But that’s power tools, like saws and sanders..  you can’t attach a vacuum to a sledgehammer!

Either way, you might want to invest in a good broom!