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An ounce of prevention...

If you’re one of those people who grab a bucket every time it rains, you’re not alone!  You’ll be surprised how many of us leave roof leaks for way too long- forgetting all about them until the next storm. 

The truth is, by the time water actually starts dripping from your lounge room ceiling, the problem may have already caused hundreds even thousands of dollars in damage.  Chances are also good that there were early warning signs that went either undetected or simply ignored.

Not only are regular inspections and preventative maintenance essential to keeping your home in tip top shape- but can alert you to potential, more serious problems.  Catch them early and you just might save loads of money in repairs later on. 

A good rule of thumb is every 6 months- as well as after any severe storm- head on outside to have a good look around from ground level and then, if possible, up on the roof.