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Faulty and outdated electrical wiring = danger!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, faulty and outdated electrical wiring are some of the main contributors to house fires. 

Here are a few red flags that could be an indication of more serious issues but always use your own good judgement.  If you have any concerns what so ever, get in a professional PRONTO!!

Power points and light switch plates should be cool to the touch.  Scorch marks are definitely a problem.

Having to frequently reset your circuit breakers is another warning sign that something may not be up to scratch. Breakers are a safety device designed to protect appliances, wiring AND your home.. take it seriously.

To make trouble-shooting easier, clearly mark your breaker box, showing what circuits go where.

If your lights dim when you turn on a major appliance, it may mean your wiring is carrying too big a load and needs to be upgraded.

Safety inspections by your electrician should be done on a regular basis.