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Using a pressure washer

Just imagine how dirty your car would get if you didn’t wash it for a year.  What about your house?  Personally I think there should be a pressure washer in every home.

You can clean almost anything outdoors quickly and with awesome results! Washing the exterior of your home not only cleans it up by getting rid of dirt, mould and grime but also extends the life of your paintwork.

One tip is to stay back about 2 feet from the surface when you start, that way you don’t damage the surface.

You might not think so but a pressure washer uses heaps less water than a garden hose.  They come in all sizes, petrol, electric for whatever your needs are and you can get different attachments too.  

You’ll find so many reasons to use it – cleaning slippery paths or driveways, even washing the 4 Wheel Drive.  Best of all, you can pick one up for as little as $100!