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Filling your toolbox

If you’ve just bought a house or are new to DIY, you’re going to need a toolbox!  Here are a few tools that I think everyone should have in theirs.  Start off with a few basics and add to it over time.

A good hammer, commonly known by us tradies as The Persuader.

A screwdriver set with a full range of sizes, just in case the kitchen cupboard falls off or the door handle comes loose.

A cordless drill.  I would suggest getting one with a lithium-ion battery. They have a much longer life and they’re a lot lighter.  Look at the brands that sell the tools separately to the battery, this can save you hundreds of dollars later on when adding to your tool kit.

A set of general purpose drill bits for metal and timber.  For a bit more money you can get ones that drill almost anything, including masonry.

An easy to read tape measure, something with big numbers and around 8 metres long.

Remember, good tools are an investment so buy the best quality you can afford.  They’ll last a long time if you look after them properly.  

Always keep your tools and toolbox locked up securely to keep little children from hurting themselves!