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Smoke detectors

When the smoke detector goes off at my house it usually means dinner’s done!  But seriously, while house fires are more common in winter when people are using fires and heaters, they can happen at any time. Leaving the stove unattended, lint built up in the clothes dryer and a burning candle left unattended are all common causes.

Having the right number of suitable smoke alarms in your home and testing them regularly can protect your property and save the lives of you and your family!  It’s not just enough to have them installed, you’ve got to keep them in good working order too.

Get in the habit of changing the batteries in your smoke alarm when you change your clocks in spring and autumn.  While you’re doing that, wipe off the cover to get rid of any dust that has collected.

In addition to smoke detectors, getting a fire extinguisher and fire blanket is a great idea.  You can find them at most major hardware stores or from shops that specialise in fire safety equipment.