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How to remove wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is one of those jobs that most of us really dislike and there are so many variables.

What type of wallpaper is it, what type of glue did they use and also, what surface is underneath?

First thing to do when removing wallpaper is to turn off the power at the meter box, water and power don’t mix! 

I like to use a wallpaper steamer. You can get one from most paint stores or hire places. Try and peel the outer layer off the wallpaper, if it comes off, great! That will make the job a lot quicker!

A little tip is to always start at the bottom of the wall as steam rises and will help soften the paper above. 

I use a stiff, not too sharp scraper to get the paper off.  Make sure all glue is removed and wash thoroughly.

Be sure to wear your safety gear!