T-Pak Decking Spacer

Designed and created by McArthur Building T-Pak was developed to replace the use of nails as spacers which are most commonly used.

T-Pak has been designed so that it has the ability to sit between 2 decking boards without falling through, this means it can sit next to the joist which also clears your line of nailing.  It is also small, so you can fit them in your carpenters pouch and carry them around as you would any nail. 

The design of the head also allows you to remove them with your claw hammer after you have fixed off the decking boards.  T-Pak can also be tapped in with your hammer if the decking boards are sitting tight due to bends in the timber

T-Pak’s come in two sizes, 3mm and 4mm.  The 3mm was developed for composite decking boards where growth is less, 4mm is for natural decking boards.

T-Pak’s are sold in two quantities, 40 and 100 bags. 


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