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Fire Safety

Following two separate fires in homes last month warnings were issued on recalled and dangerous heaters.  One fire involved an electric heater that was purchased 5-6 years ago and left in the box.  When used, the heater ignited and caused significant damage.  Anyone bringing out a heater that has been in storage is urged to check at to make sure they’re not using an unsafe product.  After that, check out all the cords and plugs to make sure and give it a good wipe down before using it

The second fire involved a cabinet gas heater.  These non-compliant heaters are extremely dangerous because they use LPG cylinders which are not designed to be used indoors.  They have been banned in Australia but can still be found for sale online and at some markets.  If you’ve got one, stop using it immediately!  Check out this video on dangerous cabinet gas heaters at

Here are a few tips for a safe winter:                                                                

  • Do not place room heaters too close to furniture, curtains or bedding.
  • Supervise children and pets at all times.  Don’t allow them to play or sit too close to the heater. 
  • Remember the rule:  A metre from your heater!
  • Gas heaters must be certified and should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always have a source of fresh air coming into a room when using a gas heater.
  • Check and clean out your fireplace often.  This includes having the chimney cleaned regularly to remove any soot, debris or build- up of cresote.

For more information about home fire safety to

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