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Painting in the rain?

There are some things most of us wouldn’t do when it’s raining outside, like wash our car or repair our roof.  Or paint the outside of our house! 

Well I came across some painters this week that were painting external window frames IN THE RAIN!!  So I guess the question isn’t “would you?” but “should you?”  And the answer is NO!

Absolutely, you can paint the inside of your home.  You’ll need to allow longer for dry times and make sure you’ve got good ventilation. 

You can also paint outside under cover as long as the surface is dry, again the dry times will be longer.  It’s important to know that most paints can’t be applied below a certain temperature, it will say on the can.  If it’s likely to drop to the minimum degrees 8-10 hours after you paint, you’re pushing it.  The paint will start peeling off just as soon as the weather warms up.

As for painting exterior window frames out in the pouring rain, NO!!  I’m pretty sure I don’t need to even tell you why!



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